The consultants of Brockman Consult help their customers to better understand and manage our natural environment, and to mitigate environmental threats.

"The important thing is not to stop questioning" said Albert Einstein early in last century. It is our mission to support critical people in questioning the way we treat our planet earth. Questioning means theoretical work complemented by practical work; hypotheses have to be formulated and verified or discarded. Our expertise is environmental data; its physical, biological or chemical nature, and its visualisation, mathematical treatment, processing, archiving and retrieval in data management systems.

"The important thing is not to stop questioning". We refer this also to ourselves. We question constantly our work flow and work processes in order to improve our performance. Customer satisfaction is of highest priority for us and the long term relationships we have with many clients prove that we are on the right way.

Successful projects and customer satisfaction can only be achieved by a motivated and highly skilled team. By keeping close contact to universities and research institutes as well as participating in research projects we keep our know-how at a high level. We are specialists but still generalists. Working in teams all project members follow the project from the question to the final answer. We learn from each other continuously, and our office doors are rarely closed. The "working climate" is a success factor, and the fluctuation of staff at Brockmann Consult is very low. We build on the motivation and the knowledge of each single consultant working at Brockmann Consult.