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November 2015

27.11.2015   SNAP 2.0 released.

We are happy to announce the release of SNAP 2.0. It has been released after a public beta test phase with many helpful feedback from enthusiastic users. It provides users a comprehensive set of tools for using data products from the Sentinel platforms.
SNAP is a powerful EO application on its own and provides the platform for plugging in other sensor- or domain-specific toolboxes. Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 Toolboxes and also the SMOS-Box and Radarsat-2 Toolbox can be optionally installed, either by the installer, or later from within the SNAP plugin manager.
SNAP is the successor of the well known BEAM software and will replace it in the long term. BEAM will remain under maintenance until at least mid of 2016 where we will continuing our user support. The further development of new features will take place within SNAP and the toolboxes.


July 2014

03.07.2014   New release of MPH algorithm plugin for the BEAM toolbox.

The maximum peak height (MPH) algorithm (Matthews et al., 2012) has been released as a plugin for the BEAM toolbox.
The algorithm gives estimates of chlorophyll-a for near-coastal and inland waters as well as identification of cyanobacteria blooms and floating vegetation from MERIS L1B data corrected for Rayleigh effects. The processor was developed by Dr. Mark Matthews (University of Cape Town), Dr. Daniel Odermatt (Brockmann Consult) and developer Tom Block (Brockmann Consult). The original algorithm was modified to give improved performance in oligotrophic and glint affected waters, over floating vegetation, and flagging of pixels affected by the adjacency affect (Matthews & Odermatt, An improved MPH algorithm for the BEAM toolbox, forthcoming).
It has been validated using a global chlorophyll a dataset in the scope of ESA's Diversity II project and is the best performing algorithm for eutrophic lakes. It should be of interest to many scientists working in spatially constrained and inland and near-coastal waters affected by cyanobacteria blooms.
The plugin called the MERIS MPH Processor V1.3.3 can be downloaded.


May 2014

08.05.2014   BEAM 5.0 released.

The BEAM team presents BEAM 5 with the following new features:

  • the BEAM Java API can now be used from Python and BEAM can be extended by using Python,
  • the user interface of the binning processor has been reworked and greatly improved,
  • colour palettes can be now easier selected in the Colour Manipulation tool,
  • the Spectrum Tool window can now handle multiple spectra at the same time,
  • the runtime performance has been improved. The reading, writing and processing of EO data has been enhanced,
  • a new Magic Wand tool has been introduced to pick pixels based on their similarities,
  • new morphological image filters have been added like erosion, dilation, opening and closing. Also users can now create their own convolution and morphological filters,
  • also the overall usability of BEAM has been improved at various places

It goes without saying that the new release also encloses a number of bug fixes, which can be inspected at our BEAM issue tracker.

For a complete list of changes please refer to the changelog.

The installers for BEAM 5.0 can be downloaded from the BEAM download page.


October 2013

21.-26.10.2013   BEAM in the Advanced Training Course in Ocean Remote Sensing, ESA-MOST Dragon 3 Cooperation (Hong Kong)

Brockmann Consult was present, one more year, at the ESA Advanced Training Course in Ocean Remote Sensing, dedicated to the study of data and EO applications in China seas using optical, IR, SAR and radar altimeter data.

BC gave two practical lessons for the use of SMOS and MERIS data with BEAM for ocean applications: the practicals covered from the data access, the use of the software per se and the interpretation of the signatures from these instruments and their transformation into geo-physical products.


07.10.2013   MODIS data currently not available from NASA website

NASA website not fully supported Due to the federal financial crisis of the United States the support of the NASA website is strongly restricted. As a consequence we are not able to access NRT MODIS data. This in turn affects our NRT Earth Observation data services to our customers and our website for our Water Quality Service System. We apologise for any unconvenience caused.


September 2013

02.09.2013   BEAM now supports Landsat 8

In June the USGS announced the availability of Landsat 8 data. Today we are happy to announce the support of the new (meta)data format introduced with Landsat 8 by BEAM. This enables the user now to open and work with Landsat 4/5 (TM), Landsat 7 (ETM+) and Landsat 8 (OLI/TIRS) in GeoTIFF format; while Landsat 5 (TM) is also supported in FAST format. You can get the latest version (1.4) of the reader by means of the module manager found in VISAT's help menu.


August 2013

28.08.2013   Brockmann Consult at the ESA Living Planet Symposium in Edinburgh.

About 1700 participants of the Living Planet Symposium are expected in the Scottish capital on 9-13 September. To date, over 1100 people have already registered for ESA's largest scientific event of the year, and the number is growing.
Brockmann Consult is represented with several oral and poster presentations reflecting its broad range of Earth Observation applications, and welcomes visitors to its company booth.

14.08.2013   Brockmann Consult was present at the 9th progress meeting the Ocean Colour Climate Change Initiate in Plymouth.

Ocean Colour Climate Change Initiative completes 15 years of ocean colour data set. At its 9th progress meeting the Ocean Colour Climate Change Initiate team discusses the results of the first analysis of a unique compilation of harmonised time series of essential climate variables on ocean colour. Brockmann Consults contributes to the Earth Observation and System engineering teams of the initiative.

06.08.2013   Brockmann Consult presents latest developments for inland water quality data from space at the International Society of Limonology Conference in Budapest.

More than 460 scientists and environmental experts attended the world largest inland water conference. The session on Remote Sensing and GIS was co-organised by Dr. Brockmann. The latest developments at Brockmann Consult on inland water algorithm development (SIOCS, link) and biodiversity from Space (DIVERSITY II, link) were presented.

July 2013

01.-05.07.2013   Brockmann Consult was present at the 8th Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences in Münster, Germany.

Together with our partners in the EU project Freshmon and our Swedish user, the potential of remote sensing techniques for freshwater applications was presented by Brockmann Consult in the session 'Novel tools and methods' and in the poster sessions:

  • Applications of Remote Sensing for Freshwater - an Overview, presentation by Kerstin Stelzer (abstract),
  • Remote Sensing as a supplementary Tool for WFD monitoring, poster by Jasmin Geißler,
  • Satellite based monitoring of Swedish lakes, poster by Petra Philipson (Brockmann Geomatics Sweden), presented by Kerstin Stelzer.



June 2013

03.06.2013   SMOS-Box version 2.3. released

This software adds a new processing-tool to the BEAM SMOS-Box that allows for converison of native SMOS data products to NetCDF 4.
In addition, the BEAM SMOS Reader Plug-in has been updated to handle SMOS-schemas up to version v05-02-01.

The installer for SMOS-Box 2.3 can be downloaded from the Beam download page.


03.06.2013   BEAM 4.11 released

The BEAM team is happy to announce that we have released BEAM 4.11 on June 03rd, 2013.

BEAM 4.11 is shipped with a number of new features, of which the most prominent are:

  • the Time Series Tool has been included into BEAM, allowing users to create, visualise, inspect, and analyse time series of EO data
  • the new Temporal Percentile Operator has been introduced; it allows users to perform multiple kinds of gap-filled, spatiotemporal percentile computations
  • a dedicated OPeNDAP client which provides an easy interface to arbitrary OPeNDAP servers has been added
  • NetCDF4 data export, allowing users to write compressed data in HDF5-based NetCDF4 format

Additionally, we have dropped and replaced some outdated parts of BEAM in order to keep it lean. It goes without saying that the new release also encloses a number of bug fixes, which can be inspected at our BEAM issue tracker.

For a complete list of changes please refer to the changelog.

The installers for BEAM 4.11 can be downloaded from the BEAM download page.


May 2013

09.-10.05.2013   CoastColour and SeaSWIR User Consultation Meeting successfully conducted

From the 09th – 10th of May 2013, the CoastColour and SeaSWIR User Consultation Meeting – co-organized by Brockmann Consult and belspo – was held at the EUMETSAT premises in Darmstadt.

The recent results of the CoastColour and SeaSWIR projects were communicated to the scientific and broader coastal user community.

About 50 participants have contributed to vital discussions and have given valuable input for gathering recommendations for future scientific work, the requirements for new sensors and for the exploitation of Earth Observation data for coastal zones.

We would like to thank all attendees for their interest and active participation.


09.-10.05.2013   Presentation of recent results of the CoastColour and SeaSWIR projects at the upcoming                             CoastColour and SeaSWIR User Consultation Meeting.

The meeting co-organised by Brockmann Consult and belspo takes place from 09th – 10th May, 2013 at the EUMETSAT premises in Darmstadt.

The recent results of the CoastColour and SeaSWIR projects will be communicated to the scientific and broader coastal user community. Feedback from coastal scientists, managers and other stakeholder will be gathered, and future possibilities with the upcoming Sentinels will be discussed. Recommendations for further scientific work, requirements for new sensors and for exploitation of Earth Observation data for coastal zones will be formulated. These will be addressed to the Space Agencies and research funding organisations.
   Source: EUMETSAT

January 2013

16.-17.01.2013   Lake Water Monitoring Service - Freshmon Annual Review successfully conducted.

BC's service line for water quality products of inland waters is further developed in the European R&D Freshmon.
Reviewers of the EU Research Executive Agency and the Freshmon team met for two days in Munich for the second annual review. The project passed successfully this important milestone and is entering now into its final stage before operationalisation.

tttttt  tttttt

December 2012

06.12.2012   Celebrating BEAM's 10th Birthday.

Today we're celebrating the 10th birthday of BEAM! The first version was released on the 6th of December 2002. Since that time, our user community has grown steadily and we have got a lot of valuable contributions and useful feedback that helped us making BEAM what it is today. The BEAM project team is looking forward to continue updating, improving and maintaining the software. Big thanks to ESA and all contributors for supporting BEAM!

The BEAM Development Team.

November 2012

02.11.2012   SMOS – 3 years in orbit!

After 3 years of in-orbit experience SMOS has successfully demonstrated the application of aperture synthesis to Earth Observation, a milestone in remote sensing. Since May 2010 the SMOS mission has been in routine operations, providing very reliable instrument operations, data processing and dissemination to users.

All acquired data are made available to a continuously growing science community by the SMOS-Data-Distribution service operated by Brockmann Consult. This service includes the reception of all SMOS mission data including all acquisitions and all auxiliary data (~ 1TB per month), the basic quality control, the subsetting according to a pre-defined list of sites per user, and the distribution via ftp (~ 3.5 TB per month). Since its launch - on 2nd November 2009 - all in all more than 600,000 files with a volume of nearly 25 TB have been uploaded by ESA. The acquired files have been subsetted according to the needs of the users. These users downloaded more than 4.3 Million files with a volume of more than 110 TB.

Thanks to its excellent technical status, SMOS will of course continue to operate and provide valuable data to the science community.

September 2012

29.09.2012   ESA Climate Change Initiative successfully passes the Mid Term Review.

Brockmann Consult is contributing to the System Engineering and Earth Observation team of the Climate Change Initiative, a 75M€ programme of the European Space Agency. On 27.09.2012 the first results of the programme were presented to the delegates of the ESA members states during the Mid Term Review. Having successfully passed this important milestone the programme will enter into its second phase in 2013.
The Brockmann Consult Software and Earth Observation experts are working in three out of the 13 projects of the programme, namely the Land Cover CCI, Ocean Colour CCI and Sea Surface Temperature CCI. Dr. Carsten Brockmann participated in the review by representing the industrial software engineering teams.

July 2012

22.-27.07.2012   Presentation of Calvalus, CoastColour, BEAM and Land Cover CCI at IGARSS in Munich.

The 32nd annual IGARSS symposium takes place from 22.-27. July 2012 in Munich. Here the excellent tradition of gathering world-class scientists, engineers and educators engaged in the fields of geoscience and remote sensing will be continued. This year, IGARSS' theme is "Remote Sensing for a Dynamic Earth". Brockmann Consults is presenting the Land Cover CCI project, the CoastColour Dataset and Calvalus, the system for agile processing of large amount of earth observation data. On Friday, 27.7. the application of Brockmann's EO toolbox BEAM for educational purpose will be demonstrated. Leoworks 4, the ESA educational toolbox which is built using the BEAM API, can be seen in action at the DLR School Lab stand.

May 2012

20-22.05.2012   BC presents Water Quality Services on the European Maritime Day 2012 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

About 1.000 participants are attending this event and BC is presenting Remote Sensing Techniques - Products and Software - and the European Water Quality Services developed and provided within the framework of Marcoast, Aquamar and Freshmon.


09.05.2012   ESA declares end of mission for Envisat.

The end of the Envisat satellite operations is being declared. The investigation team will nevertheless continue attempts to re-establish contact while considering failure scenarios for the next two months.

April 2012

19-20.04.2012   Investigation on Envisat continues.

ESA is working on the re-esablishing of the contact with ENVISAT and is investigating the problem. BC is is putting effort on the replacement of ENVISAT data sources with alternatives.

ESA News:

Further information:

12.04.2012   Envisat services interrupted.

After 10 years of service, Envisat has stopped sending data to Earth. ESA's mission control is working to re-establish contact with the satellite. Although this mission has been in orbit twice as long as it was designed for, ESA hopes to keep the satellite in service until the launch of the successor Sentinel missions. The first sign that there was a problem came on 08 April when contact with the satellite was unexpectedly lost, preventing the reception of any data as it passed over the Kiruna ground station in Sweden.

ESA News:

Further information:

February 2012

15.02.2012   Data managment support to Department of Urban Development and Environment of Hamburg.

BC is providing the transformation and allocation of monitoring data from Wadden Sea National Park of Hamburg (Department of Urban Development of Hamburg) for the Trilateral Monitoring and Assessment Program (TMAP). This data will be made available to the public through the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat (CWSS), Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

January 2012   Brockmann Consult GmbH at WISER Final Conference.

The WISER final conference took place on the 25-26 January 2012 in Tallinn, Estonia. This EU-funded project focussed on developing methods for assessing the status of aquatic ecosystems and recovery measures in line with the European Water Framework Directive. Brockmann Consult presented a poster about the 'Application of Remote Sensing for European Directives' to show how remote sensing data could be used as an additional tool for Water quality monitoring and assessment.


November 2011

14.11.2011   Calvalus - An efficient processing system for cal/val and algorithm development is now available.

Brockmann Consult successfully completed the ESA Calvalus project - A demonstration system which performs efficient bulk processing of large amounts of satellite data. Calvalus aims at supporting Earth Observation cal/val activities and algorithm development by providing fast access to mission-wide satellite data and a highly configurable processing environment. The Calvalus system utilises Apache Hadoop and the ESA BEAM development platform and achieves its enhanced performance from the massive parallelisation and data-local execution of processing tasks.

July 2011

20.07.2011   BEAM is mentor at ESA SOCIS: Apply now!

ESA Summer of Code in Space (SOCIS) is a pilot program run by the Advanced Concepts Team of the European Space Agency that offers student developers stipends to write code for various space-related open source software projects.

Through SOCIS, accepted student applicants are paired with a mentor or mentors from the participating projects, thus gaining exposure to real-world software development scenarios. In turn, the participating projects are able to more easily identify and bring in new developers.

BEAM has been accepted as a mentoring organization by ESA. Students can now apply for suggested ideas, through the SOCIS Webpage, until 27th of July. For a list of suggested ideas see the SOCIS Ideas Page.

May 2011

12.05.2011   BEAM 4.9 is now available.

The new BEAM 4.9 release comes with a new Envisat MERIS data processor, named 'Radiometry Correction'. It combines a Smile-effect correction, an equalisation, a radiance-to-reflectance conversion and a new radiometric re-calibration. For exporting pixels from a bunch of data products a new tool has been introduced. Another 4.9 feature is that files can now be dragged from the file explorer onto the VISAT products view in order to open them.

For a complete list of changes please see the issue summary.

The installer for BEAM 4.9 can be downloaded from the BEAM download page.

March 2011

31.03.2011   Spring Bloom in the Kattegat and western Baltic Sea.





This year's spring bloom in the Kattegat and western Baltic Sea can be clearly detected with satellite data (here: MERIS sensor onboard ENVISAT satellite). Chlorophyll concentrations and extent of the spring bloom can be seen here.


17.03.2011   Brockmann Consult to be presented on the ESA-MOST dragon cooperation programme.

BC runs the BEAM training as a part of the "Advance Training Cource in Ocean Remote Sensing" in the State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research, East China Normal University, Shanghai, P.R. China Within the framework of the ESA-MOST dragon cooperation programme.



08.03.2011   MERIS Validation Team meetings; BC presented the CoastColour project (C. Brockmann) and the Marcoast Validation Bureau (U. Lange).


February 2011

03.02.2011   ESOV-NG 2.0 released.

The version 2.0 of the ESOV NG application has been released and it can be downloaded from the Esov distribution web site.

ESOV NG allows users to visualize and print Instrument swaths, Ground tracks, Zone coverages, Ground Station Visibility and to generate overpass table for generic Earth Observation LEO satellites. Support for Envisat, ERS-1, ERS-2, Cryosat, ADM, SMOS, Metop is built in, more satellites can be added easily.


December 2010

7.12.2010   The 'Monitoring of Water Quality for Lakes' Project Kick-off Meeting

Brockmann Consult is preparing a next generation of Water Quality Products for Lakes and freshwater reservoirs in Europe. On 7.12.2010 the European Research Project FRESHMON (FP7 Space Call) will be kicked-off. The project is lead by EOMAP GmbH and comprises 5 partners from 4 European countries. The objective of the project is to develop a new service-line for the continuous provision of Earth Observation based products, integrated with in situ and hydrodynamic modelling components, for water quality monitoring.


November 2010

2-3.11.2010   VAE Intertidal User Workshop.

A 2-days User Workshop has been hold in Lisbon in order to demonstrate the outcome of the ESA VAE Project "Monitoring of Intertidal Flats".
30 participants from 3 different countries attended the workshop.


September 2010

16.09.2010   New MERIS L1 processor and updates for BEAM 4.8.

The MERIS L1 Equalization processor, a new processor for MERIS Level 1 data products, is now available. It  performs a radiometric equalization of the MERIS L1b products. It reduces detector-to-detector and camera-to-camera systematic radiometric differences and results into a diminution of the vertical stripping observed on MERIS L1b products.

Additionally, several modules of BEAM have been updated.The changes are listed in the issue summary.


August 2010

16.09.2010   German online magazine refers to CalVal Portal.


July 2010

31.07.2010   New BEAM 4.8, GlobToolbox 2.0, SMOS-Box 2.1, CHRIS-Box 1.5.2, and EPR-API 2.2 have been released.

In the BEAM 4.8 release we have added a number of new readers to enable BEAM to work with even more remote sensing products. In particular we have added readers for products originating from the SPOT VEGETATION programme, for Landsat TM products in GeoTIFF format, for HDF-EOS gridded products, and a reader for generic NetCDF/CF-products. BEAM 4.8 also allows to export products to the widely used data format NetCDF/CF. As another feature it is now possible to apply "auto-grouping" in the product tree; that is, product nodes whose names start with the same character sequence are automatically put into a common group.

GlobToolbox 2.0 extends the first version of the GlobToolbox by a number of tools tackling the time dimension. First of all, a time series manager allows to define and edit time series. A time series player allows vividly visualising a time series by providing the control elements for navigating through a time series, either manually or automatically. And a time series graph has been developed which may be used to compare values of different measures, such as TSM or SST, for a specified time series. Apart from time series, the GlobToolbox 2.0 additionally allows to export arbitrary global products to the widely used NetCDF/CF-format.

Release 2.1 of the SMOS-Box is a maintenance release. The main new feature is the export of grid points in the Earth Explorer format.

CHRIS-Box 1.5.2 is a release which allows the CHRIS-Box to run properly with BEAM 4.8.

The release 2.2 of the Envisat Reader API now functions correctly on 64-bit architectures.

The respective installers can be downloaded from


June 2010

28.06.-02.07.2010   BC on the ESA Living Planet Symposium in Bergen.

BC will be present on the ESA Living Planet Symposium in Bergen presenting a company stand, oral presentations, BEAM training courses and posters.
We will be happy to meet you there.

Interview with Dr. Carsten Brockmann (Brockmann Consult) (Adobe Flash Player)


April 2010

6.-7.05.2010   Marcoast presented at the Space Downstream Conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

More than 300 scientists, researchers, market specialists, business executives, government representatives and leaders of regions exchanged and shared their experiences, new ideas, and research results on diverse aspects of satellite services.
Carsten Brockmann represented the Marine and Coastal Service Marcoast, a GMES downstream service.
Marcoast is a major contribution to the Water Quality Service System WAQSS operated by Brockmann Consult.


29.04.2010   BEAM 4.7.1. released.

Version 4.7.1 of BEAM is a maintenance update.
Multiple issues have been addressed to improve the usability of VISAT with the focus on the management of image masks and regions of interest, and their display.
It also fixes a number of minor bugs and additionally improves the BEAM Graph Processing Framework (GPF API) in better supporting the development of "window processing" such as image filters and convolutions.


19.04.2010   ESOV-NG 1.6.3 released.

The version 1.6.3 of the ESOV NG application has been released and it can be downloaded from the Esov distribution web site.

ESOV NG allows users to visualize and print Instrument swaths, Ground tracks, Zone coverages, Ground Station Visibility and to generate overpass table for generic Earth Observation LEO satellites. Support for Envisat, ERS-1, ERS-2, Cryosat, ADM, SMOS, Metop is built in, more satellites can be added easily.


12+13.04.2010   Aquamar kicked off.

The European GMES Downstream project Aquamar is started.
In Aquamar new products and services supporting the monitoring of the marine environment will be developed. The project is lead by Thales Alenia Space (France) and a technical coordination board (Brockmann Consult is member).
The new developments will enhance Brockmann Consult's Water Quality Service System (WAQSS).


March 2010

31.03.2010   SMOS Data Distribution started.

Brockmann Consult has started the distribution of SMOS data to ESAs Calibration and Validation team.
SMOS is an Earth Explorer satellite launched by the European Space Agency in December 2009. After successful commissioning of the spacecraft and instrument, the distribution of SMOS data to the science community has started.
Brockmann Consult is receiving all SMOS data, processes them and submits them via ftp to the globally distributed experts.


08.03.2010   CHRIS-Box 1.5 Add-on for BEAM 4.7 released.

The BEAM CHRIS-Box project has been brought into life in order to support users of data of the CHRIS sensor onboard of the ESA Proba platform. The CHRIS-Box comprises the following add-on modules for BEAM:

      1. Noise Reduction
      2. Cloud Screeening
      3. Atmospheric Correction
      4. Geometric Correction

For more information, please refer to the CHRIS-Box Wiki.

The add-on installer can be downloaded from the BEAM download page or from the CHRIS-Box Wiki.


February 2010

22.02.2010   BEAM 4.7 released.

The final version of BEAM 4.7 is out now.
We want to thank our users for the valueable feedback we have gotten regarding the RC1 release.
Read more about the new release in the change log and the news entry about the Release Candidate.
For an overview of the changes made to the API please refer to our Wiki - BEAM 4.7 API Changes.


January 2010

07.01.2010   ESOV-NG 1.6.1 released.

ESOV NG is a public Software tool made available by the European Space Agency to its users for satellite orbit determination.
It is developed by Brockmann Consult GmbH with the objective of improving and modernising the existing ESOV Classic tool.

The software is available at the ESA Download site.

ESOV NG allows users to visualize and print Instrument swaths, Ground tracks, Zone coverages, Ground Station Visibility and to generate overpass table for generic Earth Observation LEO satellites.
Support for Envisat, ERS-1, ERS-2, Cryosat, ADM, SMOS, Metop is built in, more satellites can be added easily.


November 2009

12.-13.11.2009   User training for products of marine earth observation data (in the Framework of the DeMarine Project)

On November 12 and 13 Brockmann Consult gave a training course on Aquatic Remote Sensing to users of the national GMES project DeMarine.
The training course gave an overview on ocean remote sensing and an introduction into the BEAM Toolbox.
The 14 participants came from national agencies and from scientific institutes.




06.11.2009   Brockmann Consult preparing for SMOS first light

Brockmann Consult is preparing for the first light from ESA's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission, which was successfully launched into orbit from northern Russia on 2 November. 'First light' is expected to occur in the second week of December.

Brockmann Consult, being responsible for the archival and distribution of SMOS data products to principal investigators, is looking forward to test its facilities with the final test data suite going to be packaged by ESA next week.

Besides preparing the distribution of SMOS data, Brockmann Consult is developing the SMOS-Toolbox for BEAM (SMOS-Box), Version 2.0 of which is going to be released by the end of November, a week before the SMOS 'first light'. The toolbox has been brought into life in order to support users of data acquired by ESA's SMOS mission. Both BEAM and the SMOS-Box are scientific software tools, which ESA/ESRIN is providing free of charge to the earth observation community.


September 2009

09.09.2009   Sen3Exp campaign conducted under leadership of Brockmann Consult

As part of the development process for ESA’s Sentinel-3 Earth observation mission, remote-sensing experts carried out an extensive experiment campaign across southern Europe this summer.
The results provide valuable insight into the imagery the mission will deliver after it is launched in 2013.



August 2009

22.-23.08.2009   A BEAM Training Course in Tallinn

A BEAM Training Course has been successfully conducted in the framework of the Nordic Network for Aquatic Remote Sensing and the EU FP-7 project ESTSPACE. Researchers and Students of Finland, Estonia, Lihtuania, Poland, Sweden and Russia participated in the training courses.

For more information about BEAM training courses please
contact Kerstin Stelzer.


July 2009

09.07.2009   BC will be on TV: RTL Regional "Wissen X-act", Tuesday 09.07.09, 18:00

The documentation is about the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Nature Heritage and the role of remote sensing application for the monitoring of the intertidal flats.

09.07.2009   SMOS-BOX Version 1.0.1 has been released

The project SMOS Toolbox for BEAM (SMOS-Box) has been brought into life in order to support users of data acquired by ESA's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission. SMOS-Box is a user tool which ESA/ESRIN is providing free of charge to the Earth Observation Community.

08.07.2009   ESOV NG 1.5.2 has been released

The version 1.5.2 of the ESOV NG application has been released and it can be downloaded from the esov distribution web site at

The Earth observation Swath and Orbit Visualisation tool, ESOV provides the user with the means to visualise the instrument swaths of all ESA Earth Observation Satellites and assist in understanding where and when satellite measurements are made and ground contact is possible.

June 2009

02.06.2009   BEAM 4.6 released

The BEAM development team proudly presents

      1. the new BEAM 4.6 release,
      2. the redesigned BEAM website including
      3. a new BEAM user forum!

BEAM 4.6 comes with some interesting new features, namely the new layer and session management. With the new forum we hope to establish an vivid community where BEAM users ask questions, provide solutions and share their knowledge.
The forum is moderated by the BEAM development team and our experts wont let any problem unacknowledged.

May 2009

25.05.2009   BEAM meets SeaDAS

The BEAM development team of Brockmann Consult visited the NASA Ocean Color Group in order to figure out a possible collaboration between the SeaDAS and the BEAM project.

April 2009

08.04.2009   Antarctica ENVISAT ASAR Images Web site now online

More than 260 ASAR Antarctica images (Inland, Coastline, Antarctic waters) are presented on the Web site.

March 2009

12.03.2009   Relaunch of WAQSS Service

Relaunch of WAQSS Service - investigate the new dynamic map applications of water quality products.

January 2009

29.01.2009   BEAM 4.5.1 released

BEAM version 4.5.1 is a maintenance release which fixes problems users reported for version 4.5. Additionally, some important improvements regarding band arithmetic and colour palette handling have been introduced.

December 2008

01.12.2008   BC member of the Nordic Network for Aquatic Remote Sensing

NORDic network for AQUAtic REMote Sensing (NordAquaRemS) has started up with preparations this fall. The purpose of the NordAquaRemS is to aggregate efforts in solving common scientific and user-oriented problems, to share resources, training and expertise, and increase staff and student mobility.
Satellite technique provides a synoptic view of whole water bodies and has shown to be a very cost-effective method to monitor changes in aquatic ecosystems.
Monitoring of harmful algal blooms is particularly important for marine aquaculture and fisheries, as well as for tourism.
In northern latitudes the winter season introduces particular problems with ice formation and melting.
Human activities are different than in ice free conditions and safe travelling on ice is a critical question.

The network aims for:

      1. recruitment of well-qualified PhD students into the field;
      2. organizing annual PhD/research training courses;
      3. haring of scientific expertise, facilities and human resources;
      4. mprovement of the atmospheric correction over optically complex Nordic waters;
      5. improvement of data sharing; and
      6. improved exchange between scientists, users and service providers.

October 2008

31.10.2008   BEAM 4.5 released

The aim of BEAM version 4.5 is to efficiently handle high resolution data products in terms of number of pixels per image. BEAM now uses tiled images and image pyramids for a number of imaging operations. The result is a greatly improved image display performance and memory usage. BEAM 4.5 also can read and write GeoTIFF.

08.-09.10.2008   Symposium Geoinformationen für die Küstenzone

Kerstin Stelzer (BC) berichtet über “Informationsgewinn aus optischen und SAR Fernerkundungsdaten sowie in-Situ Daten für ein optimiertesWattenmeermonitoring“.
Darüber hinaus ist Brockmann Consult auf der Tagung, die in der Hafencity Universität stattfindet, mit einem Firmenstand vertreten und präsentiert seine Produktpalette im Bereich Geoinformations-Dienstleistungen.

07.10.2008   7. Strategie-Workshop zur Nutzung der Fernerkundung im Bereich der BfG/Wasser- und Schifffahrtsver-waltung

Brockmann Consult präsentiert sein Firmenportfolio anlässlich der diesjährigen Fernerkundungs-tagung der BfG in Hamburg.

September 2008

22.-26.09.2008   MERIS AATSR Workshop in Frascati

BC attends with 3 presentations & 4 posters and will host several introductory demonstrations for BEAM and its latest Features.

09.09.2008   GlobCover End User Meeting at the European Environmental Agency

Version 2 of the best resolution global land classification, based on MERIS 300m resolution data, was presented to the user community.
Brockmann Consult is responsible for the pre-processing pillar of the complex processing chain.

01.09.2008   SnowRadiance contract awarded

The European Space Agency has awarded the contract run the Snow Radiance study to an international team lead by Brockmann Consult.
The study aims at modelling the radiative transfer in snow and ice, and to develop and implement BEAM processors to classify clouds, snow and ice pixels in earth observation data, and to retrieve snow and ice properties.

August 2008

28.08.2008   BEAM training during the ESTSPACE summer school

Tartu, Estonia: The international summer school “Applications and operational use of remote sensing for monitoring environment and security“ took place from 27.08. – 29.08.2008 in Tartu, Estonia.
It was attended by more than 20 students from the Baltic countries, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom.
Kerstin Stelzer and Carsten Brockmann from Brockmann Consult gave practical exercises using software tool BEAM and satellite images.

July 2008

11.07.2008   BEAM 4.2 has been released

Download here.

June 2008

18.-19.06.2008   DeMarine at De-Conference in Bonn

More than 150 participants attended the German GMES De-Projects conference in Bonn.
De-Marine (with participation of Brockmann Consult), De-Cover and De-Secure were presented and the integration into the European GMES initiative was discussed.

May 2008

27.-29.05.2008   BC presents the Marcoast Project at the US/EU Baltic Sea Conference in Tallinn

20.05.2008   Kick-Off Meeting DeMarine in Bonn

April 2008

15.04.2008   5. Treffen des Arbeitskreises Fernerkundung Küste

02.-03.04.2008   GI-Tage Nord, Firmenstand BC (images)

March 2008

10.03.2008 Globcover - first global land cover map at 300m resolution published

February 2008

07.-08.02.2008 Validation Workshop Marcoast Water Quality

January 2008

01.02.2008 DeMarine Project has been launched

December 2007

06.-07.12.2007 Annual Review Meeting Marcoast

November 2007

20.-22.11.2007 GlobColour Workshop Norway

20.-23.11.2007 Training Course in Flintbek (LANU) of OFEW Tools and BEAM

13.-16.11.2007 Training Course in Oldenburg (NLWKN) OFEW Tools and BEAM

October 2007

31.10.2007 Release of BEAM 4.1!!!

22.-23.10.2007 Anwender Treffen GIS Küste in St. Andreasberg