Geoinformation Services


Geographic information is created by manipulating geo-spatial data in a computerized system. The department of Geoinformation Services offers value-added products and thematic information derived primarily from remote sensing data as well as scientific consultancy for environmental concerns. The department comprises scientists from various fields of earth sciences with recognised expertise in the data analysis of coastal regions and the marine environment.

The service portfolio includes

  • Satellite Products and Services
    We provide ready-to-use images and thematic maps including near real time products. Our offer ranges from mosaics of satellite images to qualitative and quantitative information concerning our environment. We augment remote sensing data by integration with complementary information in GIS systems and offer our knowledge to our customers. We develop and operate data distribution systems and services.
  • Coastal and Marine Remote Sensing Applications
    Our goal is to utilize marine remote sensing data and to provide valuable products to our clients. Cooperating with environmental monitoring agencies and research institutes we develop custom-made applications for coastal monitoring. Brockmann Consult is leading the Working Group on Coastal Remote Sensing in Germany.
  • Remote Sensing Consultancy
    Our experts provide consultancy for remote sensing data applications and data procurement; Development of algorithms is offered, and participation in satellite data validation activities complement our activities.
  • Environmental Data Consultancy
    Environmental impact studies, the definition and adaptation of monitoring programmes to changing international regulations require expertise in environmental data management which is offered by the earth scientists of the department. We offer management of R&D projects as well as training courses on Remote sensing applications.