Environmental Informatics


The processing of information originating from Earth observation and environmental monitoring requires multidisciplinary expertise, techniques and methodologies. Environmental informatics is an applied computer science that develops and uses the techniques of information management and processing for environmental protection, research and engineering. The department of Environmental Informatics comprises a crew of enthusiastic computer scientists, earth scientists and engineers willing to provide software solutions for the management and processing of complex environmental data. We combine latest software engineering techniques with state-of-the-art geospatial science to produce tailored, high-quality and cost-effective products in due time by performing an agile development process.

We offer custom-made software solutions developed in close cooperation with our clients:

  • Consultancy for requirements analysis
  • Mathematical method development and optimisation
  • Object-oriented architectural design and implementation
  • User training
  • Product maintenance

In particular we provide

  • Earth Observation data imaging and analysis systems including high-performance visualisation
  • Environmental data management systems and databases
  • Complex processing chains of satellite data
  • Realisation of scientific algorithms as robust, operational software
  • Mission-critical, query and archiving systems for satellite data
  • Development and integration of geospatial technologies