"The important thing is not to stop questioning." Albert Einstein

Environmental informatics

We offer custom-ma- de software solutions developed in close cooperation with our clients. The department of Environmental In- formatics develops applications, tools and techniques for proces- sing of information originating from environmental observati- ons. The solutions developed foster scientific assessments and monitoring of the Earth's state and help finding answers for urgent environmental problems.

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Geoinformation services

Our Geoinformation Services include value-added products and thematic information derived from remote sensing data and scientific consultancy for envi- ronmental concerns. Our offer ranges from mosaics of satellite images to qualitative and quan- titative information concerning our environment. We serve local and global applications with focus on the marine and coastal environment. 

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SNAP 2.0 released.

New release of MPH algorithm plugin for the BEAM toolbox.

BEAM 5.0 released.


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